I worked with Seth to buy a condo when my employer relocated me from Houston to Washington. I was wet behind the ears when it comes to the DC real estate market and I needed help from someone who knew his stuff. Enter Seth Turner. He was a god-send. He found me several prospective properties to look at, helped guide me through the decision-making process, and, most importantly, gave me excellent counsel on how much to offer the seller (my first offer was accepted – at a healthy chunk lower than the asking price!). And when my initial mortgage fell through, Seth quickly helped me find an alternate lender so that I could stick to the time frame for my move. Seth was superb and I give him my highest recommendation. You won’t be disappointed.  - Jon

Choosing Seth Turner as our realtor was critical to our ultimately very successful house-hunt.  We chose Seth after interviewing with several other area realtors and can’t recommend him highly enough. His market insight, professional judgment, and personality are all beyond superlative.
Seth took the time to listen to our wants, evaluate our means, and help frame our expectations for buying our first home. As we navigated an extremely tight Capitol Hill housing market—where inventories stood at a 7-year low, rationally priced properties moved within days of listing and overpriced ones languished for months—Seth was instrumental in helping us stay level-headed.
He counseled patience when the owner of the first house we fell in love with and made an offer on was unwilling to budge on an unrealistic list price. He helped us stay enthusiastic when we saw a string of lackluster properties. And ultimately, he helped us snatch up a stunning house on Lincoln Park within four days of listing, during an intense bidding war that erupted before the open house even occurred. If it hadn’t been for his guidance on selecting a lender, pricing our bid and escalator clause, and negotiating other terms of the offer, I’m certain we would not have
gotten the house.
His knowledge and guidance throughout the inspection and closing processes was similarly indispensable. Everything from signing the offer through getting the keys in our hands went smoothly, with Seth anticipating and resolving issues before we were ever aware of them.
In short, we will be recommending Seth and the rest of his team to all of our friends and family in the future. - Ryan & Swapna

I worked with Seth Turner and he was absolutely wonderful. My house-buying process was long and required some tough negotiation toward the end. Seth was very responsive to me and handled the negotiation very smoothly and professionally. I was able to close on schedule, even though we had some setbacks during the time the house was under contract. I credit this all to Seth. Work with him. You will be very satisfied! (Plus, he's just a really nice person and always positive and pleasant to be around!) And he'll help you find an absolutely wonderful property.
Mary & Nathan - If you are looking for someone with savvy, professionalism, knowledge of the area -- Seth is your Agent. We chose to work with Seth after he sold the unit below our condo the year prior. We had a multitude of real estate agents solicit their services to us as we prepared to sell our U Street place. We chose Seth because in addition to his exceptional customer service, he provided a logical, fact based and objective analysis of the area. These skill sets proved exceptionally valuable as his meticulous attention to detail helped us navigate through the selling process. - Kris

 We enjoyed working with Seth Turner and his team throughout the home-buying process. As first-time home-buyers, we were both excited and nervous about the prospect of purchasing a new home. During our initial meeting, Seth immediately put our minds at ease with his knowledge of and experience with the DC area housing market. My husband and I had many different ideas about what our "dream" home would look like, and Seth worked with us to target our searches in neighborhoods where we would be most likely to find a home best fitting both our ideal world and real-life budgets.
In the course of our search, we spent multiple weekends exploring many homes. Throughout, Seth helped us make meaningful comparisons of the homes, asking the right questions to rank the homes in order of our preference. Even as our search stretched across months, Seth displayed the utmost patience with us. Indeed, of the many things that we appreciate about Seth, one that truly stands out for us is his willingness to let us be the drivers of our decision making process.
As we considered whether or not to put in an offer for a home, we never felt pressured to decide one way or the other. Rather, like the great coach that he is, Seth guided us through the process, so that we could make the right decision for ourselves and avoid the many pitfalls of the home-buying process. Thanks to Seth's hard work, we are truly enjoying living in our first home. We would highly recommend any prospective home-buyer in the DC area to consider working with Seth and his team! - Farhan & Shayerah

We really want to thank Seth for all his help these past couple months.  We are so happy in the new place and none of this could have happened without him.  I know we had a lot of questions, but Seth always got back to us right away and was completely flexible in showing us places and following up on stuff.  Seth really made the whole process great, and we appreciate all his help and hard work.  Thank you again for everything!! - Sarah & Justin

If we could give more than 5 stars, we would. Seth is fantastic. We’ve used him twice: to buy our condo, and then sell it 3 years later. Seth just has that intangible ability to work with other agents, buyers, lenders, condo associations, etc. to get what you need as his client. But he's not all talk...what impressed us most is his complete and total knowledge of every aspect of the real estate business—and his ability to apply it to your specific wants and needs in the existing market conditions. If Seth doesn't know the answer to something (which is rare), he finds it for you.
Seth is impeccably organized and you never have to ask him anything twice or remind him of something you told him before. He just doesn't miss any details. I'm really not trying to exaggerate, either. Seth really goes above and beyond. Here’s an example: he has the forethought for his buyers to do things like write into his contracts for the seller to provide a copy of their Title Insurance policy so you can get a re-issue rate and save $500 or more. That's just one of many examples of things that other agents don't even think to do.
On top of everything, Seth is unbelievably generous and thoughtful. We've received thank you gifts, "anniversary" cards for the date we bought the condo, and he even sent us Valentine's Day chocolates…he does all those little things to show how much he really values you as a client. This all just demonstrates the extra level of commitment and friendship he establishes with his clients, and it just makes sense that anyone who puts this much time and energy into the small things will do an exceptional job with the big things. Seth’s professionalism, smarts, and attention to detail all translate into getting the best outcome that you can possibly get. - Barry & Laura